Friday, March 11, 2011

Sewing for Boys

In case most of you don't know, I used to be in the eBay boutique scene. I started when my little girl was about 2. It was great! So much fun making cute dresses and outfits for her. I always had so many ideas swirling around in my head. Then, I had a little boy. I had no idea what to make anymore. What do you make little boys that don't make him look like a sissy? You can't put ruffles on anything or applique cute kitties on his shirts. I wish I had this book back then.

Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage from Patterns by Figgy's will have a new book just for boys! The book will include 24 projects that go from simple with no pattern pieces, to more complex with multiple pattern pieces. The book will not be available until August, but will be available for preorder soon. So, if you have a little boy that you're dying to make things for, but have no clue, keep an eye out for this book. It looks amazing!

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